Zero Suicide Alliance training

Anybody can learn to save a life in under 30 minutes by accessing the Zero Suicide Alliance FREE online training.

ZSA provide a range of awareness training options, which provide a better understanding of the signs to look out for and the skills required to approach someone who is struggling, whether that be through social isolation or suicidal thoughts.

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Connecting with People training

4 Mental Health’s Connecting with People mental health training programmes are designed to offer a whole organisational approach to improve the response shown to people in distress. The programmes reflect the latest evidence-based principles and best practice.

Connecting with People training is designed to help improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of people coming in contact with others who are in mental distress.

As Connecting with People training is not diagnosis driven it is suitable for a wide audience – not just those working in specialist mental health services. This makes Connecting with People training ideal for use across all sectors and care pathways, its complimentary modules having been designed for different audiences, including for both adults and young people.

The training promotes a role for all in suicide prevention, and ensures this can happen within the competency of individuals. Each of the Connecting with People modules is tailored to a person’s role, experience and training.

The North East and North Cumbria Suicide Prevention Network are offering this training free of charge across the region. Modules are currently being delivered online via Microsoft Teams. Please click through to read more information about each of the sessions available to book below:

Suicide Awareness and Response – 19th August 2021

Emotional Resilience – 7th September 2021

Emotional Resilience – 8th September 2021

Emotional Resilience – 9th September 2021

Emotional Resilience – 10th September 2021

Self-Harm Awareness and Response Training – 7th September 2021

Self-Harm Awareness and Response Training – 8th September 2021

Self-Harm Awareness and Response Training – 10th September 2021