Resource Tins

Having easier access to the right information early can help us better understand how to manage our own mental health and wellbeing, to support others to do this and to know where to get help if needed.

This should be given the same priority as knowing how to manage our physical wellbeing, to preventing physical ill health, and knowing how to respond to physical health problems. First aid kits and defibrillators are in place to help us with this as well as First Aid training and widespread information on how to stay physically well, to help prevent physical health problems such as heart disease or stroke.

The North East and North Cumbria Suicide Prevention Network resource tins have been developed to help more people have access to good information on:

  • How to look after your own mental health and wellbeing if you are struggling
  • How to help others you may be concerned about
  • How to get help early if this is needed.

This could not only help us improve our mental health and wellbeing, but also may help people find the information and support they need to prevent feeling they have no other option than to consider suicide. Thoughts of suicide are a common response to challenging life circumstances – 1 in 17 people will have thoughts of suicide each year – but while they are more common than we think, we need to take them seriously. The resource tins contain a variety of resources aimed at those who are really struggling with their current situation, to the point where they are having thoughts of suicide.

Image of resource tin cover sticker

List of resource tin contents & Downloadable Leaflets

If your resource tin is running out of resources, you can click the links below to download and print out any of the leaflets you are lacking.

  • Key telephone numbers, sources of support, and QR code link to our website
  • Link to find out about FREE suicide & self-harm prevention training
  • Copies of the ‘Wellbeing and Mental Health During Covid-19’ booklet

Suicide Prevention Wallet Cards

  • Thinking about Suicide
  • Worried about someone 
  • Safety planning


Worried About Someone Wallet Card

Safety Planning and Thinking about Suicide Wallet Cards

Self-harm Wallet Cards

  • Understanding Self-harm – What you need to know
  • Understanding Self-harm – A guide for parents and carers
  • Understanding Self-harm – Safety planning


What you need to know wallet card

A guide for parents and carers wallet card

Self-harm safety planning wallet card

Postvention Wallet Cards

  • Help is at Hand

Link to Help is at Hand Full Booklet

Help is at Hand Booklet

Image of resource tin

Suggested locations for resource tin be held

  • Pharmacies, GP surgeries, wards, A&E depts, care homes, hostels and other health & care settings.
  • Police stations, fire stations, ambulances, and other emergency service settings.
  • Schools, colleges, universities and other youth focused settings.
  • Workplaces, job centres, foodbanks, churches, libraries, community halls, gyms, hairdressers, and other community settings.

Role of resource tin hosts

  • To share these resources with anyone you are concerned about or anyone who may be supporting someone that they are concerned about.
  • To carry out the Zero Suicide Alliance online training and ideally access further suicide and self-harm training: Having the confidence to talk about suicide could be a life saver.
  • To check contents regularly and ensure contents are replaced.

Role of suicide prevention lead/resource tin coordinator

  • To be a point of contact for resource tin hosts & help monitor their use.
  • To promote the resource tins across local communities.
  • To order further tins as required.

Ordering replacement content

Hosts – for replacement contents please contact [email protected] who will respond to process your order. Please note – it may take a few weeks for ordering and delivery.

Ordering resource tins

To order further resource tins – please email your local coordinator with details of your requirements. Someone will respond to process your order. We aim to be able to supply resource tins free of charge however there may be a nominal cost depending on quantity required and where they will be hosted. Please note – it may take a few weeks for ordering and delivery.

Alternatively, Please complete the order form using the link below!


Adding other contents to the resource tins

The contents of the tins have been specially developed to ensure people have access to the best information, however adding other local and national resources might be helpful. Please check with your suicide prevention lead or the Network before adding locally developed resources. Some useful national organisations who provide resources: Samaritans, Zero Suicide Alliance, National Suicide Prevention Alliance, Mind, Rethink, Support After Suicide.

For any queries – please email [email protected]  

Download presentation slides with information about our resource tins, including example images of content

Download A4 information sheet about the resource tins