POEM: My Path

10th September 2021

This poem was written by Tara, one of our Network lived experience influencers, 8 weeks after her auditory and visual hallucinations were brought under control for the first time. We share it here for World Suicide Prevention Day.


My Path by Tara Scott


My voices they are still now,

this gives me space to rest.

reflecting on the last few months

I haven’t been my best.


Trying not to falter,

I tread on this new path,

trying to find myself again,

My voice, my thoughts, my laugh…


As I look behind me

and see where I have been,

Delusions that have gripped me,

the terror I have seen,


I try to look ahead,

So glad that I held on,

Made it through the storm,

I am here, where I belong.


My new road isn’t always easy

I know that I might fall,

but now I am glad I chose it,

Instead of not being here at all.