#MoveNENC Challenge for Suicide Prevention

25th September 2022

This years #MoveNENC Challenge began on the 10th September and will be running until 10th October. To help raise awareness of how to help prevent suicide, reduce the stigma, and start a conversation that might just help save lives.

We have had several pledges from our team!

Our team is pledging to do the following:

  • Nita is pledging to walk 134 miles
  • Austin is Pledging to run 50 miles and walk 50 miles
  • Sara is pledging to walk the dog for 20 minutes everyday come rain or shine
  • Becka and Vick are pledging to see more of their town by walking through some popular trails
  • Alison pledges to do some form of exercise every day.



Vick out and about in their local area! 



Austin out walking the dog! 



Sara walking the dog! 



Alison walking the dog! 



Nita is smashing her weekly targets! 

And enjoying the sun! 




Becka’s getting outside and enjoying the local nature walks!