Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

3rd May 2022

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week is a week-long campaign dedicated to talking about mental health problems during and after pregnancy.

It’s all about raising public and professional awareness of perinatal mental health problems, advocating for women affected by it, changing attitudes and helping families access the information, care and support they need to recover.


Baby Buddy app is a free multi-award-winning, interactive pregnancy and parenting app that has been created to support parents, co-parents and caregivers.

Baby Buddy provides trusted, evidence-based information and self-care tools, based on the latest research and is NHS-approved.

Baby Buddy aims to empower parents and care-givers to build their knowledge and confidence for the crucial first five years of their child’s life, when foundations are laid.

Baby Buddy has: 

  • Fun, engaging interactive features to ‘learn without the burn’
  • A huge video library – including tips on breastfeeding and the Small Wonders Change Programme for premature and low birthweight babies
  • Out of the Blue – videos promoting mental health
  • Support and advice particularly tailored to dads
  • ‘Today’s information’ – personalised, bite-size daily updates 
  • Much more!

99% of parents using the app say that it’s easy to use and has helped them to take care of their children.

Baby Buddy is designed in particular for those who may not be in education, training or employment and its literacy age of 9 means it’s easily accessible to those whose first language may not be English – our data shows an over-representation of non-English speaking users.


You can download the app at the app store or it is available at the link below;