FREE Suicide Awareness Training 30th June

Event starts 30/06/2022 10:00 am
Event finishes 30/06/2022 12:30 pm

Suicide awareness (2.5 hours)

Explore myths and stigmas.  Develops understanding and compassion.  Introduces concept that suicide is not inevitable, people can be helped.

Suitable for all.  No previous training needed.  18 years+


  • Develops understanding, confidence, compassion and skills to talk to someone experiencing emotional distress.
  • Tackles myths, stigma and barriers
  • Introduces concept that suicide is not inevitable – people can be helped, and module includes the latest research and evidence
  • Equips participants with the knowledge of how to use to make their own Safety Plan

Training currently being delivered online via Microsoft Teams.

BOOK your place by clicking the link below:

FREE Suicide Awareness 30th June

Please use Google Chrome as your web browser should the booking link not work or you receive an ‘unsecure site’ error message.

If for any reason you can no longer make the training don’t let your space go to waste!   

Please contact Alison Bell ([email protected]) as soon as possible, so someone else can have the opportunity to take your place and potentially have a life saving conversation.

Note for CNTW trust staff: This training does not replace mandatory training 263 clinical risk/suicide prevention advanced for CNTW staff.  This is an additional training offer.