Cost Of Living – Pets

Animal charity the RSPCA found 78% of 4,000 pet owners feel the cost of living crisis is going to impact on their animals, below we have some useful links to resources for your pets.

How you can save money on pet care  
The BBC offer some advice on saving costs on pet care

To qualify for PDSA help you must be in recipient of benefits and live in the postcode catchment area of a PDSA Pet Hospital or Pet Care Scheme practice.

  • Our Pet Hospitals provide free and low cost veterinary treatments and medications for eligible pet owners.
  • Our Pet Care Scheme practices offer eligible pet owners access to low-cost treatments.

Cats Protection – Discount neutering campaigns
Take a look at Cats Protection’s regional neutering campaigns to see if you’re eligible for free, £5 or £10 neutering offers in your area.

Blue Cross – Pet Food Banks
No pet should have to go hungry. And no one should have to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets. If you’re struggling to afford food for your dog, cat, or small pet, we’re here for you and will be happy to welcome you to our Blue Cross pet food banks, without judgement.

Dogs Trust – Port In A Storm
Dogs trust are offering a “port in a storm” for pets that have, temporarily, nowhere else to go. You may have to join a waiting list, but this is the right thing to do. Again, don’t abandon your pet!

The Cinnamon Trust
A network of dedicated volunteers take in cats, rabbits, rodents and reptiles. Many of the pets are traumatised by their experiences and need dedicated keepers and gentle handling. To date, the charity has rescued 2,027 pets, helped by a wonderful network of volunteer foster carers.

Find a Food Bank – The Trussell Trust
Some foodbanks also offer pet food as part of their services, it is work looking for your local food banks and asking if they also provide pet food.