WE WILL youth mental health group release new film

11th May 2020

‘WE WILL’ are a group of young people leading change in youth mental health across Cumbria and beyond. They are based in Maryport.

After years of research WE WILL have found that the single most important thing that people can to do improve youth mental health is to listen better. Listening better costs NOTHING but can change EVERYTHING. Their films not only show WHY listening matters, they also explain HOW to listen. Sharing their films can make the biggest difference.

Due to COVID-19, WE WILL’s planned activities have been adapted but their key message is now more important than ever. They are launching their latest film to share what they’ve found to be the simplest and most effective solution to coping in challenging times … ‘JUST LISTEN’. Please take a few minutes to watch ‘BOY’ and understand WHY listening is so important. To find out HOW to listen please watch their NEW film ‘JUST LISTEN’. WE WILL – will you?


BOY shows WHY it’s important to listen better to others.


JUST LISTEN is a new animation showing HOW to listen better to others.

WE WILL – Will you?

Commissioned by NHS England – interviews with WE WILL members explaining what matters to them, what they DID about it and how YOU can help improve youth mental health.

Find WE WILL on social media:

FACEBOOK: on Making Maryport Smile’s Facebook page @makingmaryportsmile

INSTAGRAM: @wewillcampaign

TWITTER: @wewillcampaign