Campaign toolkit

Suicide Prevention Network toolkit

Sources of support graphic

Our sources of support graphic is available to download or to print out

This toolkit contains resources for statutory and charity organisations who wish to promote their affiliation with the NENC Suicide Prevention Network in their localities.

Suicide Prevention Network main toolkit

Suicide Prevention Network Regional Plan 2019-24 (pdf)

NEW Short animation films -‘Look after yourself, look out for others, get help early’

Animations campaign toolkit

A selection of downloadable graphics is available below to support our Network key messages and can be used on documents and social media.

Suicide Prevention Network logo

Sources of support graphic

Key message image 1 -Look after yourself

Key message image 2 – Look out for others

Key message image 3 – Get help early

Working together image 6

Use our ‘working together’ images to complement our suggested tweets

Working together image 1 – help people find support

Working together image 2 – create safer communities

Working together image 3 – develop safer services

Working together image 4 – build wellbeing and resilience

Working together image 5 – encourage open conversations

Working together image 6 – prevent suicide

Suicide Prevention Network speech bubble graphic


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