Advice for parents and carers supporting young people with mental ill health

18th June 2020

Many parents, guardians and carers are concerned about how their children, whatever their age, are feeling at present. The coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on everybody’s lives. Schools are closed, contact with family and friends limited and social and leisure activities cancelled.  

At this time, it is understandable that children and young people may be feeling anxious and upset. Their life may feel unpredictable and out of control and their usual mechanisms of support through friends, family members and professionals more limited.

During the COVID-19 pandemic NHS services are working as usual so its important to remember to ask for help and not hold back.

Dr Prathiba Chitsabesan, Associate National Clinical Director for Children and Young People’s Mental Health for NHS England, has written a blog post for parents, guardians and carers of children and young people with mental ill health, suicidal thoughts or self-harming behaviours, which offers some helpful advice and how to access support if needed. There is also some direct advice for young people who may need to ask for help themselves.

Advice for parents, guardians and carers

What to do if you’re a young person and it’s all getting too much